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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Combs High School is dedicated to giving students opportunities to learn and grow both academically as well as technically. We offer many classes through Career and Technical Education Programs to help students learn the skills necessary to pursue careers in areas such as Agriculture, Early Childhood Education, Design and Merchandising, Business Management, Medical Professions, Graphic Design, Journalism, Digital Photography, TV and Film, Technical Theatre and Sports Medicine. Teachers of CTE courses have specialized Arizona certification in Career and Technical Education.

CTE courses that are not offered at Combs High can be taken at EVIT, East Valley Institute of Technology. EVIT is a joint technological education district serving over 35 high schools in the East Valley. Students attend EVIT half day and earn elective credits while attending their home high school the other half day for academic credits. Courses at EVIT that are currently not offered at Combs High School are: 3D Animation, Radio Broadcasting, Aviation, Culinary Arts, Commercial Banking, Construction, Diesel/Heavy Equipment Tech, PMT (Machinist), Welding, Automotive, Collision Repair, Fire Fighting, Law Enforcement, Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Massage Therapy.

As Combs High School grows in population, the CTE Department will offer more and more courses for students on our campus. All of our current programs are in need of community members to serve on our Advisory Boards. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in helping guide the future of our students through Career and Technical Education, please contact the CTE Coordinator, John Scrogham, by e-mail or call (480) 882-3540. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact Mr. Scrogham.

Visit our Combs High School CTE website.
Contact Information
John Scrogham 
CTE Coordinator 
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7116
  Paul Schreel
Graphic Design
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7316
Alice Goodrick
Child Development
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7529
  Kris Wood
Digital Photography
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7312
Carl Hill
Agricultural Sciences
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7370
  Brian Taylor
Digital Communication/Journalism
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7312
Nicholas Smith
Technical Theatre
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7651
  Brian Taylor
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7312
Susan Belshe
Nursing Services
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7383
  Chance Hohensee
Sports Medicine
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7532
Conroy Bowman
Business Management
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7317
  Conroy Bowman
Software Development
(480) 882-3540 ext. 7317