• Making IT Work

    Too often, "Technology" is spoken of as an element in and of itself. Like a comb, it is a meaningless something unless it is used for its intended purpose. In today's world, technology is infused into practically everything we do. Most of the time, it is used without much thought about what is being done, like combing your hair. While using technology, be it a desktop computer, tablet, phone, audio/visual device, or connecting to a network via a wired or wireless connection, the expectation is that it is to be seamless and just work and work without much thought as to what makes it work.

    Our goal in the Information Technology Department is to get to the point where the technology being used just works, so it is not a piece that takes extra effort or thought while using it for instruction and learning. Using an element of technology should be seamless, so it is integrated into classroom instruction, student learning, and administrative tasks.

    The technology department is a customer service-oriented department that is available to help you be successful in the important work you and your students have to do.

    If you need assistance, please contact our help desk at 480-987-5314 or by email, itsupport@jocombs.org


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