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    Congratulations to our players continuing to college level:

    Skylar Johnson - Southern Virginia University
    Kevin Zenteno - Phoenix College
    Nathaniel Duhaney - Phoenix College
    Colten Shaw--Eastern Arizona
    Jackson Dark--Dakota State
    Adam Berthelot--Ottawa University
    Isiah Jacobs--Arizona Christian University
    Antonio Horrison - Arizona Christian University
    Cole Evans - Nebraska Wesleyan University
    Ian Loggins - Ottowa University
    Brayden Bernal - Ottowa University
    Sebastian Janik - Presentation College
    Joey Jensen - Gila River
    Jace Judd - Gila River
    Mason Brockman - Gila River
    Taniela Taunima - Southern Virginia University

    Do you want to play football at the next level?

    Playing football at the next level takes a lot of hard work and commitment. No matter what school you attend, no matter what coach you have, and no matter the number of jersey you choose, you and only you have control over your own destiny! Others can help you along your journey, but it is you that determines how far you go. - Robert Ladouceur
    Here are some basic suggestions:

    • Pass all of your classes! Your goal should be to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. (That is an average of a B grade)
    • Make sure those classes are accepted by the NCAA Eligibility Center. (Online classes may not be acceptable)
    • Meet with your school counselor annually to make sure you are on track.
    • Take nutrition and physical fitness seriously. Meaning you need to be bigger, faster, and stronger than your peers.
    • Become familiar with common physical size and ability recommendations for the position you would like to play in college and work hard to meet those standards. (Example: Height, Weight, 40m time, etc.)
    • Create varsity-level highlight film to share with potential recruiters. (We use HUDL)
    • Register with the NCAA eligibility center online between your sophomore and junior year.
    • Have an appropriate social media page that recruiters can look up. Have links to info and highlights. Mention the type of degrees you would be interested in earning in college.
    • Plan to take the ACT and/or SAT between your junior and senior year of high school.

    How do you get recruited?

    There are many different ways. First, your head coach adds you to his potential recruits list that is shared with colleges. A head coach will receive numerous contacts and requests for information from colleges all year long. A potential recruits list will include your basic physical information, contact information, and links to your highlights and social media, as well as your academic information. 
    Second, you can pay for a recruiting service to contact colleges for you. This doesn't work for everybody, but if you feel this would help, you may do this. You can attend combines and camps hoping to catch the eyes of a recruiter and become a ranked athlete. You can also reach out to colleges you are particularly interested in. Making your own contact and being aggressive is the best method for getting recognized. Make contact through email and social media. This will not guarantee you to play at the biggest NCAA college powerhouse, but it will increase your chances of playing football after high school. 
    Third, college recruiters do a general search based off of the most easily identifiable stat - your height and weight listed on maxpreps, and then they most likely contact the head coach asking for more information.

    • Your size alone will be the first thing to catch the eyes of college recruiters. Size isn't everything, but it is what catches most coach's eyes first. Speed is just as valuable!
    • Once you have the eye of a recruiter they will next want to know if you are eligible to attend their school.
    • If you meet their expectations physically to play at the next level, and have the grades to attend that school, they will then ask for highlight videos and look up or ask any other information.
    • Game stats are important and they do help getting noticed, but they are not a deal breaker. HUDL Highlights and academic eligibility are bigger.