• Coyotes Swim


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    Boys-  Coach Tater-
                Richard Parham  tater.rp7@gmail.com
    Girls-  Coach Rhett Udall


    Take the Plunge!

    Coyote Pride

    Coyote pride is a student and an athlete known to embody both class and integrity. These qualities will be reflected in every aspect throughout the season as it should continue through the rest of the school year. As coaches, we expect that each of you are leaders in the classroom, around the pool and throughout the community. Coyote pride is a representative of Combs High School and its swim program. Therefore, they will, at all times, bear the responsibility of maintaining a remarkable reputation of excellence.

    Mission / Goal

    To build a program that promotes lifelong lessons, focusing on swimming success and to see swimmers of all ages and abilities conduct themselves in a respectful manner, dedicated to something that is difficult, something that requires perseverance, and the daily determination to push to new limits, in swimming and in life. To provide multi-level training regimes that allow individual athletes to achieve their desired goals, including the highest goals possible in the sport of amateur swimming.