• Early Childhood Education

    Our Early Childhood Education program is designed for students who are interested in a career working with children. Students will have an opportunity to work directly with young children and gain an understanding of how children develop and how caregivers can encourage children’s development.

    This two-year program covers parenting, prenatal development, experience with an infant simulator, and a focus on how to be an early childhood educator. This includes working directly with young children and planning a preschool experience. Second year students can earn college credit.

    Course Sequence with Course Codes:               

    Year 1: Early Childhood Education 1                       ECE100
    Year 2: Early Childhood Education 2                       ECE200
    Year 3: Early Childhood Education 3                       ECE300
    Optional: Early Childhood Education Internship      ECE450


    CPR, Para-Professional

    Student Organization:

  • CHS
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