Graphic Design

    Graphic Design is all around us but it often goes unnoticed. From poster designs, signage, logos, branding, identity, t-shirt design and more, graphic design is everywhere we look.

    You can learn how to communicate a message and problem-solve by using programs within the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign). Digital drawing and photo manipulation are skills learned in the Graphic Design sequence.

    Students create portfolios of digital work that can help them apply for jobs in the field or further their education in college.

    Course Sequence with Course Codes:

    Year 1: Graphic Design 1                     GRD100
    Year 2: Graphic Design 2                     GRD200
    Year 3: Graphic Design 3                     GRD300
    Optional: Graphic Design Internship    GRD450


    Adobe Certified Associate: Illustrator

    Student Organization: 

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