• Sports Medicine

    Sports medicine students learn how to prevent, recognize, manage and provide rehab as a result of injuries related from physical activity. First year students will use learned skills in a laboratory environment where they will practice first aid for athletic injuries, knowledge of the human body and its functions, procedures used in common athletic injuries, and information on diets for athletes.
    Second year students will expound on this knowledge and explore medicine and physical therapy, exercise science and implementation of sports medicine.

    Course Sequence with Course Codes:

    Year 1: Sports Medicine 1                       SPM100
    Year 2: Sports Medicine 2                       SPM200
    Year 3: Sports Medicine 3                       SPM300
    Optional: Sports Medicine Internship      SPM450


    CPR & First Aid, OSHA 10 Healthcare, Emergency Medical Responder

    Student Organization

  • CHS
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