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    2022-2023 Classroom Mini Grant Winners!

    Congratulations to these teachers who were awarded grants for their classrooms to help put their students at the center of everything they do. Thank you for helping further our students in their education.

    Awardees & Project:

    • Christa England- Smart Spaces for Students (SES)
    • Craig Palm- TV and Film Equipment (CMS)
    • Jenna Brophy- Calculators for CMS (CMS)
    • Joey Partee- Quill.org Tier One Support (CMS)
    • Luke Griffin- Cello Rack (CMS)
    • Michael Osayi- P.E. Supplies (CMS)
    • Nicholas Smith- Table Saw (CHS)
    • Rachel Johnson- ALEKS for Intervention Students (CMS)
    • Rebecca Silvers- Flexible Seating (HES)
    • Ruth Jones- Learning Through Imagination (RES)
    • Stephen Gourde- Graphing Calculators (CCSS)
    • Wendy Nail- Big Steps to Learning (RES)