Open Registration For Summer School

This summer Combs High School will be offering FREE in-person summer school classes. We understand this past year has been a challenging time for our students. The Combs High School staff is committed to our student's success and graduation. To this end, CHS will be offering FREE summer classes for students to make up lost credits.

We will have two learning options this summer, in-person instruction in the core academic areas and on our traditional online platform Edgenuity. Both opportunities will be outlined below with registration information.


Option 1: In-Person 

Classes will be offered in the core areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Students can earn 1.0 credit Tuition Free for in-person instruction for classes failed.

Students may take one-semester class (0.5) in each two-week session.


Session Dates & Times  7:30am - 11:30am Daily

Session 1 June 1-10 1st semester classes June 1- 4 (tue-fri) and June 7-10 (mon-thur)

Session 2 June 13 -24 2nd semester classes (mon-thur)



Courses Offered

Session 1 June 1 - 10

Session 2 June 13 - 24


English 9 Semester 1

English 9 Semester 2


English 10 Semester 1

English 10 Semester 2


English 11 Semester 1

English 11 Semester 2


Algebra 1 Semester 1

Algebra 1 Semester 2


Geometry Semester 1

Geometry Semester 2


Algebra 2 Semester 1

Algebra 2 Semester 2


Quant. Reasoning Sem 1

Quant. Reasoning Sem 2


Int. Science Semester 1

Int. Science Semester 2


Earth and Space Semester 1 

Earth and Space Semester 2

Social Studies

World History Semester 1

World History Semester 2

Social Studies

US History Semester 1

US History Semester 2

*Courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. If we do not receive enough registrations for in-person learning summer courses, students will be referred to Edgenuity to complete classes.


Eligibility and Expectations for In-Person Courses

  1. In-Person Instruction is for Credit Recovery only, students that want to accelerate are not eligible.  Student must follow all JO Combs Policies and COVID19 mitigation strategies
  2. We are granting 1 semester of credit (0.5) in only 8 Summer School days, attendance is vital to their success and credit recovery. For this reason, In-person students are required to attend daily for this intense, fast-paced summer program designed

to cover an entire semester of content in a two-week period. Students must be in attendance each day from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Failure to meet this daily attendance requirement can result in loss of credit and students will be referred to our online Edgenuity course.

  1. All assignments must be turned in.
  2. If your grade falls under 60%, you will be dropped and referred to our online Edgenuity course.
  3. You will take a final on the last day of class.

Option 2: Remote Learning through Edgenuity.

Students needing to make up courses in electives, courses not offered this summer, or prefer to learn remotely, will do so through our online credit recovery platform Edgenuity.  Please see your counselor for eligible courses for you to complete online.



Bus transportation will be provided for in-person summer school students.



A grab-and-go breakfast and/or lunch will be provided to our in-person students.


How to Register

    1. Please complete the attached Registration Form with course selections for Session 1 and/or Session 2.
    2. Parents and students must sign the Registration Form to acknowledge expectations.
    3. Registration Forms must be turned in to the counseling office.
Registration Due Date: May 16th, 2021
Complete the Summer School Registration Form here: Registration Form

If you have any questions about Summer School courses, grades, or credits, please see your school counselor.

Counselors are divided by last names:

A-F Brandon Outcalt

G-M Jolene Peterson

N-Z Brenda Lohr




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