Thank you for service the students and staff of J.O. Combs Unified School District

Mrs. Kathy Bourgeous has been a valued member of the J.O. Combs Governing Board since 2005. She and her husband have 11 children and 28 grandchildren; many of whom have attended the J.O. Combs schools.  Mrs. Bourgeous is actively involved in her church and community, and even volunteered her time directing an elementary school choir. Her experiences with the district as both parent and grandparent have been invaluable in guiding board decisions.  Thank you for being part of the J.O. Combs family!

Dr. Gary Kemp was elected to the J.O. Combs Governing Board in 2010.   He has been married for 55 years and has four children, 13 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.  As a retired teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent, Dr. Kemp brought to the board an in-depth knowledge of public school operations at all levels.  He is active in his church and community, and currently sits on the board of the Combs Education Foundation. Dr. Kemp’s passion for students as they prepare for an ever-changing job market guides all his decisions.    Thank you for your service to our students!

We wish you well on your next endeavors!

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