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Flyer Distribution

Community nonprofit organizations may publicize their programs and events designed to improve the health, education, or welfare of students in the District by having fliers and other literature distributed through Peachjar. Peachjar delivers visually engaging flyers, newsletters and other important information to parents and employees via email and website. Peachjar acts as an electronic backpack that saves time and paper, and is a great communication and customer service tool. For more information check out
Community nonprofit organizations must submit their information directly to Peachjar and may pay a small service fee to post and distribute flyers electronically. Please review the Combs Flyer Distribution Policy KHC.  Community Education will review and approve community flyers. Schools will no longer receive paper flyers from these groups.

All e-flyers sent through Peachjar undergo an approval process from the Marketing and Community Relations Department. See guidelines below under "Information for Community Organizations".

Schools may also use Peachjar to send flyers to families at their school. School distributions will only include school-based events or information. Outside groups must use the district distribution. 

This system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Neither the district nor Peachjar will share or use email addresses for any other purpose. Families may unsubscribe from Peachjar at any time. Keep in mind, if you unsubscribe, you may miss out on important information about school events and opportunities for your child. Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure parents are well-informed about school programs, activities, and events.

If you are a community organization and wish to distribute flyers to Combs families, you may register for a Peachjar account as a "Program Provider" and upload your flyer for distribution to your desired schools.

Peachjar does charge a fee to for-profit program providers and for events that generate funding for nonprofit entities, but it is significantly less than the cost of printing flyers for our 86,000 students. The cost is $25 per school, per flyer, per month with options to purchase bulk rate packages.
Free events, classes, or programs are free to promote through Peachjar.
The process to register with Peachjar is easy:
  1. Visit and click 'Sign Up.'
  2. Enter email address and choose 'Program Provider' as your Account Type.
  3. Enter User Information and Business Information (first and last name, username, password, org name, category, org type, and location).
  4. Once you create a Peachjar account, you upload flyers for approval by the District’s Marketing and Community Relations Department.
Please be aware of the district’s Guidelines for Distribution of Materials.The District and schools reserve the right to deny any request.
Please contact Peachjar directly with questions about pricing, payments, community free accounts, or for help setting up an account. Peachjar can be reached at