Thank you for taking part in our site visits for NCDC20! Now that you've had the opportunity to see first-hand some of our innovative work through #Forward, we hope you'll connect with us on your experience creating modern learning environments and learner centered instruction.
Have Questions? Let's Talk!
Please feel free to contact our team below for any questions, thoughts, or feedback you may have regarding our #Forward journey to digital convergence.
District Administration
Dr. Greg Wyman, Superintendent | (480) 987-5300
Bruce Cox, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment | (480) 987-5308
Marcus Berkshire, Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment | (480) 987-5319
Dorsey Middaugh, Professional Development Specialist | (480) 987-5300
Kayla Fulmer, Director of Marketing and Community Relations | (480) 987-5322
School Leadership
Combs High School
Chris Farabee, Principal | (480) 882-3540
Combs Middle School
Laura Ridge, Principal | (480) 987-3510
Combs Traditional Academy
Jeff Green, Principal | (780) 987-5320
Ellsworth Elementary
Santa Dunker, Principal | (480) 882-3520
Ranch Elementary
Sue Kruse, Principal | (480) 882-3530
Harmon Elementary
Angie Beauchene, Principal | (480) 882-3500
Simonton Elementary
Sue Paschal, Principal | (480) 987-5330