Student Services

Welcome to Student Services. The department is responsible for the following programs and services: Behavior, Health Services, Preschool, Psychological Services, Section 504, Social Emotional Learning and Special Education. Our goal is to ensure all children have the supports and services necessary to maximize learning.
Dr. Shari Dukes
Director of Student Services
(480) 987-5321
Jeremy Evan Scherer
Administrative Assistant
(480) 987-5321
The Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services, and the J. O. Combs Unified School District value having students and their families take part in the special education process.  We believe that state and local activities that build student, family, and school partnerships lead to improved educational outcomes.
You will be receiving instructions to complete a confidential survey for your ideas about how you have taken part in the special education process.  On the handout you will receive, you will find instructions for an easy-to-complete, short online survey.  Please take a few minutes to answer questions about how your school has helped you take part in this process to improve special education services and academic achievement.  Questions 1 through 8 are always confidential.  The school will never see your answers.  Question 9 will be confidential unless you identify yourself, a student, or a specific situation.
If you don't have access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet, ask a teacher or the principal if a school computer is available.