• Public Notices

    Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.09 , it is the public policy of this state that meetings of public bodies be conducted openly and that notices and agendas be provided for such meetings which contain such information as is reasonable necessary to inform the public of the matters to be discussed or decided.

    Public Notice - CTE Supplemental Curriculum 2022-23 School Year

    Per JOCUSD Governing Board policy IJJ, the J.O. Combs Unified School District is proposing the adoption of the following materials to be used as supplemental curriculum for the Careers and
    Your Future course offered at the J.O. Combs Middle School beginning in the 2022-23 school year. These online materials will be available for review and comment at the links provided below
    from June 21 through August 18, 2022. 

    Proposed Curriculum

    1. Tiggbee -  To view the online materials, please click here.
    2. Defined Careers - To view the online materials, please click here.

    The purpose of the proposed adoption is to:
    A. Recommend resources that will support and enrich the curriculum, taking into
    consideration the varied interests, abilities, learning styles, and maturity levels of
    students served. 
    B. Recommend resources that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, critical analysis of differing sides of issues, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and recognition of various societal values.
    C. Place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the
    recommendation of resources of the highest quality in order to assure a comprehensive collection of resources appropriate for the complete education of all students.
    For assistance, questions, or comments, please contact the Coordinator of Career and Technical Education, John Scrogham, at jscrogham@jocombs.org or (480) 987-5300 ext. 7717.