• Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

    Come Learn And Play With Us

    The Harmon Elementary School PTSO invites you to get involved with your child's school. Studies show that parental involvement is one of the most important keys to your child's success. What better way to do that than to be active in the PTSO?


    PTSO Goals

    • Foster communication and collaboration within and outside the Harmon Elementary School community to improve school/parent/community relations with an 85% approval rating (School Goal IV).
    • Increase student achievement by 5% on the AIMS tests (reading, writing, and math) through providing an engaging learning environment for all students to grow academically (School Goal I).
    • Develop a positive school culture with the attributes of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) (School Goal V).

    Why Join the PTSO?

    Your school needs you!

    The PTSO is the connection between you and the school. Attending meetings will help you understand school events, special needs of the school, and other school issues. Join us in making a difference. Volunteer when you can with our PTSO volunteers, join the PTSO network, or look out for our volunteer e-mails for opportunities.

    PTSO Board Members

    President: Michelle Liles  
    Vice President: Melissa Stephenson
    Treasurer: Christina Moran
    Secretary: Samantha Hulme & Samantha Underwood

    Events Schedule

    Please get involved in your PTSO. Volunteer to become part of a team that makes school events come to life. We have lots of fun activities planned this year to engage our Harmon families and embrace the Harmon community.

    Fry's Fundraiser

    PTSO is participating in the Fry’s Card fundraiser. To participate, all you need to do is use your Fry’s card when you shop at Fry’s. To put this fundraiser into action, give your Fry's card to the cashier on your next visit, ask them to link it to Jack W. Harmon Elementary School account #39207. Harmon will then be tied to your Fry’s frequent shopper card. Please consider using your card next time you shop at Fry’s to raise funds for Harmon Elementary School. Please remember all participants must re-enroll every year.