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    CTE addresses the needs of high-growth industries and helps close the skills gap.

    • The skilled trades are the hardest jobs to fill in the United States, with recent data citing 806,000 jobs open in the trade, transportation and utilities sector and 293,000 jobs open in manufacturing.
    • Health care occupations, many of which require an associate degree or less, make up 12 of the 20 fastest growing occupations.
    • STEM occupations such as environmental engineering technicians require an associate degree and will experience faster than average job growth.
    • Middle-skill jobs, jobs that require education and training beyond high school but less than a bachelor's degree, are a significant part of the economy. Of the 55 million job openings created by 2020, 30 percent will require some college or a two-year associate degree. 

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    Contact CTE Coordinator John Scrogham at (480) 882-3540 ext. 7717 or at jscrogham@jocombs.org.

    Special Announcement

    Congratulations to our very own Early Childhood Education teacher, Alice Goodrick, for receiving the National FCCLA Spirit of Advising award. The award recognizes advisers who are constantly faithful, often quietly behind the scenes to ensure the success of their students.


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